console.log(“Hello World”) 😉

A Simple Javascript Coding

Let’s dive into more , most important aspects of Javascript that every developer must know.

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The DOM in Javascript

The DOM stands for Document Object Model.

Document Object Model is an another representation of a web page content which is written using HTML.

Javascript don’t understand the strcture of a web page /…

The story of Triple Gems in Javascript — Let , Const , Var 😉🔥

Javascript is executed at run time in the Javascript engine of the browser.

Let’s dive into more important aspects and concepts of Javascript that every developer should know :)

If you wanna get most out of learning Javascript I highly reccomand you to check out my previous Articles regarding Javascript.

Please make sure to grasp your knowledge from them before dive into this Article.

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Variable Declaration in Javascript

What is a Variable ? 🤔

As you already know Variable is a memory location in the…

Good Javascript for Life 😉🙌

Let’s continue the journey of learning Javascript. In my previous Article , I discussed about basic and most important concepts and theories of Javascript that any developer should know.

If you haven’t check out my previous Javascript Article , please make sure to check it out before getting into this Article by clicking on the link below.

Once you learned it , you can apply it for your own scenarios in Javascript as a developer without being any afraid.


Wanna know about Javascript ? is it sounds like a cramp for you ? Never worry , learn it from the begining , get it and love the development with Javascript. You got this :)

Javascript and how a simple coding looks like

What is Javascript ?

Javascript is one of the most popular and a widely used programming language on nowadays for the development of web / mobile applications , Real time networking apps , Command Line tools , Games and etc.

Javascript is a dynamic , weakly typed programming language which is compiled at run time. …

What is mongoDB ?

It is one of the most famous database program in the world , which is highly used on nowadays for most of the data requirements.

The mongoDB was developed by the company named ‘MongoDB Inc’ and it’s a No SQL database program which is the most important characteristic of mongoDB. People don’t need the knowledge of SQL in order to manage a mongoDB database and it makes the feel of hassle freeness.

The mongoDB is open source relational database which helps to store unstructured data in JSON format. The open sourceness is one of the main reason for it’s popularility.

Why to choose mongoDB ?

Here we go for the first story ;)

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